Gravity Forms eWAY

Gravity Forms eWAY integrates the eWAY credit card payment gateway with Gravity Forms advanced form builder for WordPress. Gravity Forms eWAY Pro now gives you even more options than the free plugin.

works with Gravity Forms Personal licenceyesyes
online donation formsyesyes
online booking formsyesyes
simple Buy Now formsyesyes
accept recurring payments*yesyes
record entry even when payment failsnoyes
payment forms without SSL/TLS certificatenoyes
complex forms with mapped fieldsnoyes
create token payment customersnoyes
securely remember customer cards with tokensnoyes
send shipping address to eWAYnoyes
payments based on conditional logicnoyes
multiple currencies on one websitenoyes
multiple eWAY accounts on one websitenoyes

* recurring payments only available to Australian merchants; not all banks support recurring payments