Gravity Forms eWAY

Gravity Forms eWAY

create online payment forms with Gravity Forms and eWAY

How to accept invoice payments?

It’s easy to create a simple invoice payment form with Gravity Forms eWAY Pro. You’ll need at least three fields:

  • a Single Line Text field for the company / payee’s name
  • a Single Line Text field for the invoice reference (e.g. your invoice number)
  • a Product field for the amount paid

Change the Product field to a User Defined Price, and make all fields Required.

Set the Field Type to User Defined Price to allow typed-in amounts

After saving the form, create an eWAY feed to map the form fields to eWAY transaction fields. Map the company / payee’s name field to the Description field, and the invoice reference field to the Invoice Reference field. These fields will be displayed on the eWAY payment form, in eWAY transaction emails, and in your MYeWAY transaction reports.

Map a field to the Invoice Reference in eWAY
Map a field to the Invoice Reference in eWAY

Here’s an example form built with these steps, ready to submit to eWAY:

A simple invoice payment form, ready to go

When it is submitted to the eWAY Responsive Shared Page, this is what the payee will see:

A simple invoice payment as it shows on the eWAY Responsive Shared Page