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Responsive Shared Page transactions still processing

If you use the Responsive Shared Page method, sometimes you will receive confirmation from Eway that a transaction has been completed but the transaction still says it’s Processing in Gravity Forms. This can happen when the customer doesn’t click the Finalise Transaction button on the Eway hosted page.

Other payment processing systems handle this situation by calling a web hook on your website and passing it the completed transaction details. Unfortunately, Eway doesn’t yet support web hooks.

There is a way to ensure that your transactions are marked completed successfully with the Responsive Shared Page. You can configure Eway to immediately redirect your customer back to your website after processing a transaction. The setting can be found in your MyEway console.

Redirect After Payment Processing

Navigate to Settings > Shared Page in MyEway, and tick the box for Redirect After Payment Processing. We recommend a delay of 0 seconds to minimise the risk of your customer navigating away to another site before the transaction details are recorded.