Pro Add-on

Gravity Forms Eway Pro is a flexible and powerful add-on that helps you build payment forms for your website, from simple donation forms to sophisticated forms with many options and conditions.

Purchase includes one year of automatic updates and support.



After you fill in your Eway details, the pro add-on requires just a little setup for each form. After building a form, you need to create a “feed” for the fields that will be sent to Eway. This allows for much greater flexibility than the automatic approach of the free add-on.

Create a feed for Eway
Create a feed for Eway
  1. fill in your Eway settings
  2. create a form and add some fields
  3. maybe add a Credit Card field — not needed when using a Responsive Shared Page
  4. create a feed that maps the form fields to an Eway transaction
  5. test your form with the Eway sandbox

Make sure that your form has a Product field with a cost, so that there’s something that costs money.