Before you can use Gravity Forms to send payments to Eway, you must first set the Eway API key, password, customer ID, and client-side encryption key. Refer to these Eway articles for creating and accessing this information in your MyEway console:

Gravity Forms Eway Pro add-on settings
Gravity Forms Eway Pro add-on settings 🔍

API Key and Password

The API key and password are required for Rapid API transactions, which includes all transactions except automatic recurring payments. You should set your main Eway account details here. If you need to manage multiple Eway accounts on your website, you can do that by overriding these details on individual form feeds.

Client Side Encryption Key

If you are using the Direct Connection method, where credit card details are entered on your website and not on an Eway shared page, then you should set the Client Side Encryption key. Sensitive credit card details will then be encrypted in the browser, so that only Eway can see them. All websites using the Direct Connection method are encouraged to set the Client-Side Encryption key for improved security of credit card details.

How do I set up Client Side Encryption?

If you get the following error, you must add your Client-Side Encryption key:

V6111: Unauthorised API Access, Account Not PCI Certified

Customer ID

The customer ID is required for automatic recurring payments, via the Recurring Payments XML API. You can find your customer ID at the bottom of your MyEway console screen.

Licence key

Your licence key gives you access to automatic updates for this add-on for one year. Please copy your licence key from your invoice email and paste it here. After saving the settings, please activate your licence so that you can receive update notifications and automatic updates. You will be sent an email before your licence expires, offering a discount on renewal of the licence.